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“As a political professional, Sam Chen has guarded the essential trait of those hoping for a long and fruitful political career — conscience. His observations in this book are an honest recollection of his years in what Teddy Roosevelt called ‘The Arena.’ For those curious about life behind the curtain, don’t miss a word.”


Former Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Founder and Principal, Churchill Strategies

Author, With All Due Respect: Recovering the Manners and Civility of Political Combat

"Sam Chen's soulful introspection digs deep, giving readers a master class in vulnerability and lessons learned that are equal parts inspiring, eloquent, and heartfelt in its execution."


Country Music Artist

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“In a time when our political parties are in ideological transition, Sam Chen brings thoughtful analysis and youthful insight into every discussion. Thirteen Minutes is no different, providing helpful insights into the stressful realities of the political world. Personal values and the limits of time and stamina are all in the mix when you sign onto a campaign; Chen’s journey paints a picture of how things can go right and, sometimes, not so right!”


Former Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Director, National Federation of Independent Business - Pennsylvania

“This is the book we’ve been waiting for—an honest glimpse behind the scenes of America’s political campaigns and the people who run them. Chen’s recount of former Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign is an altogether quality, gritty, and witty read. Perhaps amongst the book’s greatest takeaways is Chen’s reminder that our best-laid plans often go awry—especially in politics. And yet, that has no bearing on our work’s potential or our personal worth.”



Lecturer of English, Baylor University

Cultural Engagement and Leadership Fellow,

Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary


“Sam Chen’s Thirteen Minutes is a wonderful read that provides insight into political engagement in a turbulent era. Chen gives readers valuable insight into the ebbs and flows of a young man’s career in the political world and the challenges and rewards that are found on that journey. He does so in an open and inviting manner that allows readers to see the humanity in politics that is often overlooked. For young individuals considering a career in politics, this book is a particularly valuable read and one that I would encourage them to partake in.”


Professor of Political Science, Muhlenberg College

Director, Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion

"I have a pretty priceless vantage point in that I knew Sam well before he was Political Sam. I know him as Dorm Sam, Elevator Sam, Dr. Pepper Float Sam. It's that decade-plus of knowing him that gives me the power to say this: it's true. The balance of congressional polish and the aw-shucks humility -- it's genuine. He's the real deal. When he stood absolutely nothing to gain  he showed me the same thing he shows all of you now in his public life, that he's earnest, affable, a bridge builder, sincere, professional and classy. Most importantly, he's someone who takes the otherwise lost and lonely freshman from Chicago under his wing and makes him feel like he has a place. I enjoyed the book because it was Sam in text form. Classy to the end, heartfelt and what our country needs. Regardless of your political ilk, there's no denying that a Sam Chen running every campaign in America would make for a more decent, scream-less, God-focused, compassionate nation of broken people who need Jesus."


Sports Director and Anchor, WAND-TV, NBC Central Illinois

Heisman Trophy Voter